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Edible South Florida

Photo by Alfredo Anez - Edible South Florida

"Local Woman Makes Food: The Story of Amazing Adashah"

Voyage Miami


"Taylor, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. "

Bushwick Daily

Plant-Based Bushwick Vegan Food Festival

 "Like tofu, it adapts to the flavors in which it is cooked but is free of soy and gluten. Packages were just $4, and founder Taylor Osin Cohen said all funds raised benefit a local soup kitchen. "

The New Tropic


"The Best Places to Eat In Miami for Vegans and Vegetarians"

The Weekly Collective

Della Heiman From The Wynwood Yard and Della’s Test Kitchen

"Tofu or Tempeh? Adashah (a new lentil-based protein created by a Miami-based entrepreneur). It’s out of this world! " - Della Heiman from The Wynwood Yard

Better Food Movement


" Congratulations to our winners of the Better Food Innovator Awards! Our People's Choice Award Winner: Farm Share and our 2018 Award Winner: Taylor Cohen of Adashah, LLC. Thank you for your presentations! "

Young Miami Local Entrepreneur Creates Lentil Based Meat Alt

Did this South Florida Entrepreneur Invent The Next Tofu?

Eat This Drink Thank Go - The Beach Channel